Polynesian Culture

Helu Futa. Identity and change in Tongan society since European contact. This article deals with aspects of material culture which traditionally occupy an important role in Tongan society. It is concerned with three kinds of women’s work : the. Social change in general. Although change is unceasing, things change at different rates. In any given society, those cultural items within it which change so slowly that, in practice, we regard them as not changing at all, constitute the identity of that culture. We say of those items that they persist. Why do those cultural items change so slowly?

A Tongan Wedding: Courtship and Marriage on the Isle of Tonga

Kinship ties have paramount importance in Tongan society. Cousins are also thought of as brothers or sisters. This shared parenting method extends beyond the village and may include Tongans abroad who send remittances back to their homeland. It is also not uncommon for couples to adopt children.

Although this is the traditional way of dating, today, more young couples have begun to sneak around and see each other on the sly. Tongans will often joke.

The name “Tonga” is composed of to to plant and nga a place. It also means “south. Thus, it is appropriate to translate the nation’s name as “land lying in the south. Location and Geography. Tonga is an archipelago of one hundred fifty islands, thirty-six of which are inhabited. There are four major groups of islands: the Tongatapu, Ha’apai, Vava’u, and Niua groups.

Most of the islands are raised coral islands, some are volcanic, and a few are atolls. Coral beaches lined with palm trees and emerald lagoons with luxuriant tropical vegetation are characteristic features. The capital, Nuku’alofa, is on Tongatapu. The population was 97, according to the census.


Tonga is the only Pacific Island nation that has never been colonized by foreign power. The monarchy and structure of the government still remains the most powerful thing in Tonga. Life in Tonga is close to the same as it has been for years. Many Tongans still live in village communities following traditional customs.

Dating: The young clothing and girl begin dating each other. Permission to get married: this is a clothing shows that the guy dress in our Tongan dating clothes.

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The menu is every delicious Tongan Dish you can think of there is the famous ‘lu’ taro leaves cooked in coconut cream with chicken or corned beef with sweet potato or taro. Not forgetting the tasty ‘Ota’ raw fish chopped sliced with tomatoes and onion with a bit of chili. Fresh food is top of the menu with sea grapes freshly picked from the ocean and the freshest fish is to die for.

Tongan Dating Traditions

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Radiocarbon dating results for `Atele burial mounds. For example, according to Tongan tradition the sister of the Tu`i Tonga was technically.

Welcome to life in the slow lane. Here, time dances to the rhythms of the oceans and the sound of church bells on Sunday. Many Tongans still live in village communities following traditional customs, especially on the outer islands. Fish and vegetables are still cooked in earth ovens called Umus. And the ceremonial tradition of kava drinking, the traditional Polynesian drink, is a very real part of Tongan life.

This is partly because Tonga is the only Pacific Island nation never colonised by a foreign power. Uniquely, Tonga has also never lost its indigenous governance. In more recent times time, Tonga has also been strongly influenced by Christianity and now probably boasts more churches per head of population than anywhere else on earth.

The islands resonate with hymns and harmonies every Sunday, a day of rest by law on the islands, and visitors are welcome to attend the services. Many do and leave with special memories of the experience. Tongan arts and handicrafts, including bone carving, wood carving, basket making and fine weaving made using techniques passed down through generations of Tongan craftspeople, are everywhere too.

Tongan white sheet ceremony practices in NZ ‘appalling’

Students learn Tongan history, breaking poetry, music, and dancing, tongan with wood carving, mat weaving, and bark culture making. The first European visitors spoke of a population scattered throughout a densely cultivated land. Now Tongans are concentrated in villages and small towns. Most villages lie around an empty area, called mala’e , that is used for social gatherings and games.

A traditional house stands on a raised platform of tongan and sand. It is oval in shape with a thatched roof and tongan of woven palm tree panels.

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Review of Tongan Tradition and Culture unit standards. The two unit standards were developed in There have been no reported achievements for the standards. Therefore, the standards have been designated as expiring and will not be replaced. All providers with consent to assess against the standards were contacted regarding proposed changes and no objections were received. Detailed list of unit standards – classification, title, level, and credits. Key to review category. Dates changed, but no other changes are made – the new version of the standard carries the same ID and a new version number.

Changes made, but the overall outcome remains the same – the new version of the standard carries the same ID and a new version number. Major changes that necessitate the registration of a replacement standard with a new ID.

Destination – Kingdom of Tonga

Updated May Malo e lei lei, below is a guide to the main Tongan island – Tongatapu and three small islands nearby. A list of accommodation options is also included for ‘Eua, Ha’apai and Vava’u. The guide has been put together after visiting Tonga four times, most recently in The Kingdom of Tonga is made up of over islands, many are uninhabited. Tongatapu is the most populated island and is home to Nuku’alofa Abode of Love , the Kingdom’s capital. Tonga is a naturally beautiful country with white sand beaches, clear waters, and swaying coconut palms.

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We investigated the weaving of the kato alu, a traditional Tongan basket. Unlike most ordinary baskets which are woven from coconut or pandanus leaves, kato alu are woven from tuaniu Cocos nucifera, Palmae, midrib of leaf and alu [Epipremnum pinnatum, Araceae, aerial roots]. Anciently the common people wove and decorated the kato alu and gave them to chiefs, nobles and kings as gifts at wedding and funeral ceremonies.

Today, however, the weaving techniques are known to only a few people. It appears that these techniques will likely disappear from Tonga within a generation. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Gifford, E. Tonga society. Bernice P. Bishop Museum Bulletin — Honolulu: Bishop Museum Press.

Assessing Human Diet and Movement in the Tongan Maritime Chiefdom Using Isotopic Analyses

I just don’t get why we have to bleed to show that we’re pure. I felt art was a way for me to express my feelings about this ritual. At no point are we questioning male virginity,” she says. Dyck didn’t have to face the tradition. She doesn’t know of any other Tongan artist that has focused on the ritual for their artwork. Mahina-Tuai says there is “something beautiful” about the ritual.

Travel Guide for Tonga – things to see, do, eat and drink. Centre was established in by the late Queen Salote and was set up to preserve and promote traditional Tongan handicraft skills. Check out Trip Advisor for up-to-​date reviews.

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Culture of Tonga

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Date Recommended _April 30, ______. ______Tony The Kingdom of Tonga is a traditional place that is evolving to a more Western philosophy, which​.

One of my favorite times of the year is celebrating a wedding of a couple. But I can honestly say that there is no wedding like a Polynesian wedding. Tongan weddings and receptions have always intrigued me. The families seem to put all their eggs in one wedding. Traditionally, Tongan weddings comprise of a number of traditional steps or phases:.

Man ask for permission to get married faitohi. A young man meets a girl and is interested in her. He then takes the chance to ask her honestly for her friendship and if the girl accepts, then their relationship starts. Fakalelea — a celebration before the wedding. This is when they actually date each other. This phase may include the gifting of food, tapa and mats to the family of the bride-to-be.

Tongan Cultural Dos & Don’ts