Final Fantasy 7

The player can decide who takes Cloud Strife on a date during the party’s second plot-related visit to Gold Saucer. The night’s date is chosen based upon the player’s dialogue choices and actions throughout the game up to that point. Depending on the player’s choices, Cloud may go on a date with Aeris , Tifa , Yuffie only if she has been recruited , or even Barret. How each character is chosen is based upon a hidden value in the game’s code, which cannot be viewed without hacking. At the game’s start, the opening values are:. As the game progresses, these values change depending upon the player’s actions. The character with the highest number of points when the date sequence occurs is the one that appears for the sequence.


Enter the following codes while on the field or during battles to activate the corresponding cheat function:. There is a special Materia called Master Materia, which can be for Magic, Command, or Summon commands; it contains the effects of all the Materia of that type in one. You can obtain two of each by completing the indicated tasks:. Defeat each of the game’s superbosses Emerald and Ruby Weapons to get items that can be traded at a traveler in Kalm.

In the latter half of the game, when Cloud rejoins your party, go to Tifa’s house in Nibelheim with her in your party. You can play a sequence of notes on the piano to obtain the Final Heaven, the item needed for Tifa’s Limit Break.

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s combat system revolves around ATB. As you battle, two bars will fill up beneath the characters’ HP indicators. When.

PlayStation version. I’ve extracted the text directly from data files on the game CD, so you can be fairly certain that it’s complete and accurate. Text for the main game is arranged in chronological order, while text for side areas and miscellaneous NPCs are arranged separately by location. What’s in this collection? Transcript of all text that you’ll ever read by playing the game, including all possible dialogue options, branches, paths, and outcomes.

Unused bits of dialogue that are part of the CD’s data files, but can never be seen in the game without hacking it. Some tips on how to get every item available, how to score a date with a particular person at the Gold Saucer, plus general hints. Lots of typing, grammar, syntax, and similar errors that were part of the original English version of the game including the infamous “this guy are sick”.

Since the text is directly copied from the CD, it’s safe to assume any linguistic error in this collection also exists in the game itself. Most of them were later fixed in the PC version. What’s not yet included?

Final Fantasy VII: New Threat

Midgar can be a dangerous place. Get a helping hand with seven top tips straight from Square Enix. When one of these is full, you can spend it on an ability, spell or item.

This means that if you don’t work to change your affinity levels, you will probably end up dating Aeris, or possibly Tifa. To ensure that you will have the date you.

Q: How much better are the visuals of Final Fantasy 7 Remake when compared to the original game? A: Are you kidding? This is a from-the-ground-up full remake of Final Fantasy 7 with cutting edge visuals — simply put, the game has never, ever looked as good as this. A: Yes. Final Fantasy 7 Remake will remain episodic. The first episode releasing in March of next year will take place in Midgar and it looks to take up two full Blu-Ray discs. Square has gone on record and said that the first part of the Remake will be the size of a full-fledged Final Fantasy title.

Q: How closely does Final Fantasy 7 Remake follow the story of the original game?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Developers Tried to Avoid Playing Favorites With Tifa and Aerith

There exists, hidden deep within FF7, a very detailed debug room. It is not only very significant to FF7 itself, but its existence led to the discovery of many, many more debug rooms in other games! To enter it, first input one of the following Gameshark codes, then either start a new game, or load a save and enter any area except the world map which causes serious glitches.

Once inside, make sure to turn off the cheat device, or you’ll keep returning to the main room each time you try to change screens.

The Guide to Dating Other FF7 Characters George B. [email protected] During your second visit to the Gold Saucer, after Cloud gets the Keystone, Cloud​.

There is a scene that occurs during a playthrough at the end of Disc 1 when the team returns to Gold Saucer. This scene involves the main character of the game, Cloud, going out on a date with one of the other characters. Who he goes out with is largely dependent on choices that you make throughout the game. Throughout the Jegged. Decisions that you make as you playthrough the game, including whom you talk to and how you answer their questions, are pointed out as they come up.

They are also listed below for convenience. While this date scene has little relevance to the overall story and game itself, there is a trophy that you can obtain if Barret is the one to go out on the date with Cloud. Selecting Barret is quite hard to do though unless you follow a very specific set of steps. The trophy that you can obtain the PlayStation 4 version of the game is called the Best Bromance Trophy.

Each character that Cloud can go out on a date with Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie and Barret start with a certain number of points.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PC: Everything we know so far

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Love Triangle FAQ – Final Fantasy VII This FAQ contains brief Cloud does not have to go on a Date with Tifa, nor does he have to show any.

In order to ensure we deliver a game that is in-line with our vision, and the quality that our fans who have been waiting for deserve, we have decided to move the release date to April 10, We are making this tough decision in order to give ourselves a few extra weeks to apply final polish to the game and to deliver you with the best possible experience. I, on behalf of the whole team, want to apologize to everyone, as I know this means waiting for the game just a little bit longer.

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Square Enix delays Final Fantasy VII Remake and Avengers games until later in 2020

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Version History. Version, Date, Notes. , 04/23/ Corrections to Battle Square Enemy Tables.

Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: What date scene is best, anyway? What date scene is best, anyway? Right now I’m aiming for a date with Yuffie, and according to my calculations, I’m about to succeed. Anyway, I did all the other dates already, and I remember laughing as hell during the date with Barret. XD None of them seemed to like the date at all, and still they were going, haha! Now what do you think of the Yuffie date? What am I in for?

What date is the best one? And so on. The Yuffie date is cute, cause she kisses him. The Barret date just owns. Everything about it is quality.